Maybe Matilda: Scavenger

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Forrest has become quite the little scavenger lately. He searches the house each day for interesting items (“interesting items” usually means a sippy cup—he finds beverages most interesting) and stores them around the house in cunning hiding spots. The other night after he went to bed, I spent half an hour searching for the sippy cup full of milk I knew he hadn’t finished . . . it finally turned up the next morning, still full of milk, inside one of my galoshes. Very sneaky—I’m always finding things in strange places. I was folding laundry yesterday and a contact case fell out of a shirt. I have my suspicions about who put a contact case in the laundry basket.

IMAG0166 I have photographic evidence of his scavenging habits. They’re all cell phone pics so, you know, enjoy this artistic brilliance.

IMAG0180 Favorite puppy? Into the washing machine you go. I’ll come back for you later.

IMAG0168 For reasons clear only to a toddler, this pitcher has become a favorite toy recently. It has also become a favorite hiding spot, and the poor child seems truly surprised when we’re able to easily find the treasures he’s hidden inside it.

IMAG0167I spent a good amount of time the other day searching for my dry shampoo . . . why did I waste time looking through the bathroom drawers and cabinets when I should have checked his little red wagon first?

IMAG0156 Now, this one makes more sense . . . a sippy cup fits right in with all those kitchen utensils.

IMAG0147 Under the cushion of the rocking chair makes more sense as a clever hiding spot for the sippy cup, in theory . . . but in practice? It wasn’t very hard to spot.

IMAG0161 I shouldn’t have been surprised to find a contact lens case in the dryer after finding this thermos artfully hidden inside the laundry basket.

IMAG0148 Butter dish on the computer chair. Sure, why not?

This concerns me slightly in planning for a second child someday . . . where will I find his poor, hypothetical future sibling hidden?


  1. LOL I can totally relate...I've learned the hard way that I have to make sure to check the laundry baskets well before just dumping everything in the wash. Just yesterday I found a stick of blue chalk (which I'm sure would have turned our clothes a lovely shade), and before it was one of my daughter's toys, then a bottle of hairspray.

  2. The sippy cup under the cushion cracks me up. He and our pugs would get along.

  3. Ha ha! You just have to wonder what is going through their minds when they do those cute, silly things....

  4. Hahaha! The rocking chair cracks me up.

  5. Forrest and I would get along great. I tend to hide things from Brad. The other day he got out Nutella and walked out of the kitchen to let Jack in. I grabbed the Nutella and put it in the mixing bowl cabinet and left the kitchen. After a minute I heard him say, "Hey, where did the Nutella go?" Heheehe.

    I love the cell phone inside the clear pitcher and sippy cup under the chair cushion. He's clearly having a blast hiding things.

  6. LOL! I totally got a kick out of your little man and your awesome way of recording his adventures... After going back to 2 different stores today for items we'd left behind (a stuffed animal at the grocery store and my cell phone at the pharmacy--yes, these are like 2 miles from one another, not connected, FYI) I was reflecting on how things NEVER went missing before I had a kid. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I also never used to cry to the CVS checkout girls. Luckily, they're nice and will call your phone 5 times in order to help you find it.

    Too bad sippy cups don't have beeper systems attached.

  7. Haha! I love the cup under the cushion...very clever :)

  8. Hahaha! Everyday is an adventure with Forrest!

  9. Haha he is too cute! I love reading your little man's adventures. I wonder if my guy will start this (since they are the same age) he is definitely mischievous. I think the pup in the washer is cute - he must have needed a bath haha.

  10. I like kids that like to cause trouble. But look at that face. Are you sure you're just not misplacing things? ;)


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