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Monday, April 23, 2012

This and That

1) I'm guest posting over at See Kate Sew today, sharing the ruffled duvet cover that currently graces the ol' marital bed. You know what adds a nice dosage of awkwardness to a blog post? Referring to my bed as my marital bed. You're uncomfortable, aren't you? So am I. But here's a picture of the bedspread, which shows almost none of the bedspread but is more well-lit and attractive than any pictures that do show the bedspread:
 Click on over if you want to see/read a little more about it. And wanna hear something neat? I met Kate over the weekend. She's, like, so cute in person I almost can't stand it. And in case you're wondering, I did not mention my marital bed in my conversation with her. That was just a special treat for you, reading at home.

2) Speaking of things that are so cute I almost can't stand them, do you happen to read One Dog Woof? ChiWei just started blogging pretty recently and I love her style and projects. She's doing her first giveaway ever, and up for grabs is a little crochet giraffe so precious I almost want to put him in my mouth and eat him up. (Tell me I'm not the only one with the weird instinct to put cute things [like giraffes and my child] in my mouth.) Go check it out and show her some love!

3) The long-awaited/long-feared Queen Bee Market was this past weekend! I'll do a real post about it later, but for now, enjoy this picture of me Vanna-White-ing my booth:
If this whole crochet business doesn't work out, I'm fairly certain I have a bright future in Creative Gesturing.

4) In case you've been wondering how goes the house-hunting, the answer is: still rather sucky. For those of you keeping score at home, tally up two more homes that we've made offers on and lost to higher/faster bidders, bringing the total to three houses we haven't gotten. Jeff's facebook status on the subject sums it up rather nicely:
Whoever said it's better to have loved and lost is a real idiot, I have loved and lost three houses and it's horrible.

5) Since I am an angelic model parent who would never exploit her child's beauty for material gain or worldly fame and honor, I certainly did not enter him in THIS beautiful baby contest where he could win a super-sweet outdoor playset. And I certainly would not encourage you to head over to this page and vote for child #520 if you have a spare moment and want my outdoors-obsessed child to love you forever. But because I believe in fairness, I am compelled to inform you that my true, unbiased opinion after hours of scrutiny and careful deliberation is that child #520 is the best-looking of the bunch. Or just ever. Anywhere.


  1. Where are you trying to move to? I'm trying to sell a house! Come buy mine! :)

  2. house hunting is just the worst, lol. Either you love something and it doesn't work out, or you wind up just feeling horrified. I read your post about your house hunt on my phone and meant to go back and comment on my computer but forgot, but it made me laugh b/c we had a similar experience with a house that was listed at a price where you'd expect it to be fabulous, although the insane square footage did make the price seem good, plus the house had an indoor pool which was pretty impressive. So then we come up and the first thing you notice is there is a broken window. And the siding is the old wood siding and it is just bad, I mean, juuuust terrible. Between the bad windows and the siding we're talking at least 30,000-35,000 in repairs to the house and we haven't even walked in the front door yet. My stomach was already sinking. We tour through this confusing maze, there's 'bedrooms' the size of a closet, there's space heaters in every room which in Manitoba is just sketchy because hi, it gets really cold here, heating is not optional. There was a closet that when you turned on the light, made this 'bzzzt' sound and flicker that immediatly made you think 'horror flick, run like shit'. Oh and the renter, who happened to be the owner's daughter, and her boyfriend were home at 2pm just makin some fishsticks for lunch, I suspect doing their best to try help sabotage the sale. No worries, guys, I was too busy wondering where the chainsaws were at to think about buying!!!
    Our realtor was just flabberghasted, he had sold the house ten years prior and had expected that we'd need to replace the siding but even he was shocked at how bad the house was. You really did expect to find bodies in the basement, lol.

  3. I voted for your little cutie! But man do they make you jump through hoops! :S Totally worth jumping through said hoops if it helps out though!

  4. oh you should have mentioned your marital bed! haha, i love that, definitely an awkward term! It was great meeting you and thanks again for guest posting!

  5. I'm sad I missed meeting you at the Queen Bee Market. I did see your booth though, very cute!

  6. I saw and loved your post over at See Kate Sew today! Such a great job! And I can't wait to hear about how things went at Queen Bee. I agree, you have a great alternative career there. When I'm in the market to higher a Creative Gesturer, I'm calling you first :)

  7. I like the term "marital bed". I'm going to start using that more in conversations... with strangers. I know who will be replacing Vanna one day. You know, I heard that she holds that record for clapping. Go figure. The booth looks so cute with all your wares! I'll vote for your adorable offspring when I get done typing this.

  8. Totally voted for the cute product of your marital bed. Now I'm really uncomfortable.

  9. 1. Super jealous of your marital bed. (not awkward) It's just much better decorated than mine!
    2.The giraffe is Super cute, and you aren't the only one with a strange cuteness-oral fixation. At a museum once a Prof. asked if we didn't just want to LICK a painting because the colors were so pretty. It's a great (awkward) inside joke when you yell out "Oh my gosh, I just want to lick it!" LOL I can't even type that w/o busting out in giggles!
    3.Watch out Vanna!
    4. Sorry it goes badly, but it is better to have loved and lost than to have accidentally ended up in a meth house ; D Good Luck
    5. voted

  10. Your booth looks awesome! Hope it went really well!

  11. Rachel, just stop. I don't think you should be allowed to BE SO CUTE!!!!! lol! I love your blog and all of your crafts. I don't know the difference between a sewing machine and an iron (any iron), but I still love your blog!


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