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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Goal Review

At the start of the month, I posted a few goals I set for February, hoping that the imminent embarrassment of having to publicly admit not completing them would be some motivation for me. It partially worked! Here are my grades for the month.

February goal grades

Bathroom vanity: big fat FAIL. I kind of considered doing it once or twice, then felt intimidated by the enormity of the project, and in the end didn’t even come close to taking a single step forward. Fail.

Clean craft room: success! That room is almost always a complete disaster, which is a shame, because that means I don’t want to go near it and purposely avoid a lot of projects I’d like to do because I don’t want to search through the mess and work in there. I was almost annoyed by how quickly it cleaned up—I’ve put it off for so long, and it didn’t even take that long to get it straightened up. Somehow it would have been better if it had taken hours.

Organize pantry: a low A . . . I got it done, but half-heartedly and only at the last minute.

Add 3 new items to shop: done and done! I’ll post about my new spring items soon.

3 blog posts per week: did it! I just wrote a rough calendar with post ideas for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I didn’t even really follow it that closely, but having a plan (even an unfollowed plan) helped.

Exercise 3 times/week: eh, sort of. Except for one week where I only managed one workout, I did it. Not terribly impressive, but it’s definitely a step up from my usual activity level. Thanks to Fitness Blender for all the free workout videos.

Go on 1 date: we went on two! Go us.

Read 4 books: did it! Here’s what I read . . .

february books

Gathering Blue—so-so. I enjoyed it but wasn’t thrilled. Shutter Island—boo! I knew I wouldn’t like it, but hoped it would pull me out of a mediocre book slump, which it did, because I thought The Light Between Oceans was fantastic! Loved it. Still a bit undecided on The Demon King—I liked it, but wasn’t in love, but was interested enough to get started on the second in the series, so 3.5 stars out of 5, I guess?

1 fun activity per week with Forrest: partial credit for this one. I had been picturing craft projects or baking treats together or playing matching games or something . . . it ended up being more like ‘spending an hour at the play area in the mall’ and ‘woohoo, lunch at McDonald’s!’ Not the most interactive activities, but he definitely had fun at least once per week, so mission accomplished, I guess?

March goals coming soon.


  1. Well, technically, since your first post wasn't till the 8th, and this one is a day early...
    You did awesome! The vanity seemed like a multiple month project anyway right?

  2. I'm sad I wasn't the first comment today. Better step up my game. ;)

    I'm going to add Light Between the Oceans to my to read list.

    I like your report card style. It makes me smile.

  3. This month has gone by too fast. I feel like I was just reading your Feb. goals.

    Good work! I'm sure if you averaged your grades you'd get a B+. Woo, above average! I'll have to check out this Fitness Blender you speak of.

  4. I pretty much failed at all my goals this month, so that post is going to be fun to write. Sorry guys I just kinda wanted to nap this month away...

    I think your fun activity for Forrest is the definition of a fun day for any toddler. It totally counts.

  5. LOL - I definitely like the report card style on your goals - perhaps it will motivate me to get myself in gear more. You did great! And adding "Light Between the Oceans" to my list of reads. I get a big fat "F" on that for my February report card (can I count what I read to my kids?!) Sigh. I need more hours in the day. :)

  6. Great job! I love this idea - you inspired me to make some March Goals for myself!

  7. Good for you! Looks like you averaged out pretty well, I'd say! :)

  8. Not bad! I feel like something like re-finishing the bathroom vanity should be the only goal for an entire month. Haha but apparently I am a little too lackluster.
    Interesting...Gathering Blue is one of my favorite books. But to be fair, I started reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly because you said you loved it and I thought maybe I should try reading again, and halfway through I returned it to the library. So there! ;)
    I think you've inspired me for March goals...I may only have like...3 though BAHAH


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