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Friday, March 1, 2013

This week . . .

(Photos from my Instagram.)

1. Lately, this little psycho has been about 1000% more pleasant than he was, say, 2 months ago.

I’m sure I have never, ever, in all my typing, ever given the impression that he is not the sweetest most perfect little angel nugget in the universe, because that would be shirking my most sacred and holy blogger responsibility of pretending he is the sweetest most perfect little angel nugget in the universe. Here’s the well-kept never-before-heard secret: he is not a very easy child. And although I’m not nearly optimistic enough to cross my fingers and wish upon a star that we might be nearing the end of the terrible twos, I’m enjoying the (possibly temporary) reprieve from the tantrums. Boy, can he sure be sweet and charming and kissable when he isn’t shouting. Such a little lovebug. If he could just cool his over-emotional toddler PMS jets a little more often . . .

2. Have I mentioned that I got bangs? The media must indeed be failing us if you haven’t already been alerted of this gripping, heartwarming, timely information on your local nightly news.

My hair has felt a little boring lately—not short enough to be a sassy fun short cut, but not long enough to be a pretty princess long look, and heaven knows I’m scared to death of dyeing it and can’t add anything interesting via the color highway. So I went with bangs instead. I’ve loved them. They add a little interest without being a huge commitment in terms of cut or color. Just a little sumpin to spice things up.

3. I spent a few hours (hooouuuuurrrrrsssss) last Sunday photographing all my most commonly used yarn colors and updating each of my Etsy shop listings with color options.

In days of yore (yore = before last Sunday), I hadn’t taken advantage of Etsy’s new-ish feature of adding drop-down menus to select options like size, color, etc. on each listing. So I finally took the time to update everything, and it should hopefully make ordering smoother and faster from here on out.

4. Speaking of crocheting and my shop, I’ve really been enjoying coming up with new items for spring. I was worried my shop’s gotten boring—I haven’t added anything new in ages, and although I enjoy making all my items, a little variety sure wouldn’t hurt. Once I get everything modeled and photographed, I’ll write a post about my new spring items, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of one new goodie I’m particularly excited about.

I don’t know which I like more—the awesome wavy pattern or the dusty rose color. Both are winners.

5. I know I’ve mentioned this recipe before—probably more than once, if my real-life habit of repeating tidbits of information dozens of times before people finally tell me to shut it carries over to blogging—but I really, really, really can’t get enough homemade Happy Joe’s Taco Pizza.

And I know what you’re thinking: “Be tacos or be pizza, don’t try to be both.” I’m usually annoyed by these conjoined Siamese twins food combos. But this is delicious, and the perfect fusion of 2 favorites. Try it. I love NewlyWoodwards’ recipe, which you can find right HERE.

Have a great weekend!


  1. My hair is so boring, but I cant cut it, at least not til after the play Im in. There's a gag about my hair so I have to keep it as long as possible. I feel like some color is definitely needed, something awesome.

    Speaking of color Im loving that dusty rose ripple you have going on up there. Gorgeous!

  2. I'm feeling that way with my hair too, it's kinda of an in between stage, I'm trying to grow it out. I need to get re-highlighted too. lol. Very pretty dusty rose color, I have a color like it from I love this yarn....and I do love that yarn! LOl. Have a great weekend! xx Holly

  3. So you know you just jinxed the heck out of yourself right? I give it less than 2 weeks before Forrest is back to lovable tantrum having self. ;)

    In other news...The bangs are adorable on you! Lets trade hair, because the super long "pretty princess" hair as you call it is totally over rated. It's more like "giant scraggly mess of split ends" if it's anything like mine.

  4. Love your fringe, it looks fabulous! x

  5. Man. Comment #5. Weak. These days off are hurting my stalking.

    I'm going to call in 10 minutes to get my hair cut. I can no longer grow it out. Talk me down. Wait, don't. I love your bangs.

    I'm glad your child has got his act together. I suggest benadryl for the toddler PMS. (other readers, please ignore previous statement)

  6. I love your bangs...they look amazing on you! It's so funny how you are scared to color, because I'm terrified of bangs!

  7. Love your bangs! Very cute. And I love that you can be honest about your child not being the perfect angel! I do have a question about the pizza - do you start with a cold pizza stone? I've never done that, does the crust get crisp?

    1. I don't have a pizza stone, so no, just regular old pizza pan for me! I'm happy with the crust without it, but I'd love to try using a pizza stone some day.

  8. I love your striped curtains. And your bands. And your kid. Thanks for the pizza shout put. It's really the best.

  9. Hello, Rachel, I recently found your blog via a hair pin (hee-hee, a hair pin) on Pinterest. I have been looking at various posts on and off since and enjoying them very much. Although my children are nearly twenty and twenty-four, I relate to most of what you say and do, whether as my life once was or is now. I love that your blog is real - and inspiring. I have crocheted off and on for many years, but have yet to make an afghan. I think that may be next on my list of things to (eventually) do. In the meantime, would you be able to share with me the name and brand of yellow paint on the door in your kitchen? It looks like a perfect shade for my front door. Thank you. Have a lovely day. Patty


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