Maybe Matilda: New Spring Items + Sale!

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Spring Items + Sale!

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been adding some new items recently to my Etsy shop for spring. I’ve had a lot of fun finding/writing new patterns that I think will carry your typically wintry crochet over into cooler weather. So here’s what I’ve got!

Spring Headbands by Maybe Matilda

I always have fun crocheting headbands—so quick and adorable and fun to wear—so I added a few new headband styles for spring. Shop the Wavy Crown Headband, Big Leaf Headband, and Flower Headband (which technically isn’t a new product, but the cute pictures of my nieces wearing them are, so I’m counting it).

Chelsea suggested bow headbands, which sure seemed like a good idea. And in 3 bow sizes, to boot!

Bow Headbands by Maybe Matilda

Shop Little Bow Headband (shown in pink), Medium Bow Headband (shown in blue), and Big Bow Headband (shown in cream).

I couldn’t leave hats out, plus a twist on an old favorite. My personal favorite? The ribbon hat. I love the idea of switching the ribbon out to match different outfits. I’ve worn it a lot so far . . . a whole lot.

Hats and Headwrap by Maybe Matilda

Shop Butterfly Headwrap, Ribbon Newsboy, and Textured Newsboy.

My favorite spring item by a long shot, though, is this one:

Lacy Spring Wrap by Maybe Matilda

A soft, romantic springtime wrap. I love that dusty rose color, I love the feminine ripple pattern, and I love that it can be worn in so many ways—a wide scarf, a shoulder wrap, or even belted to give it a drapey sweater look. I love it. I love it a lot. Find it HERE.

I have some ideas for more kids’ items, but an unwilling model makes me less than enthused about kids’ crochet at the moment. If I can recruit an adequately adorable neighbor child, or bribe the one I already have into modeling, I’ll see if any of those plans come to fruition.

In the meantime, I want you to celebrate my new spring designs with me with a sale! Use coupon code SPRINGFEVER for 20% off your purchase through March 15th! Click HERE to visit my shop and put it to good use!

Maybe Matilda on etsy

What do you think of my new spring items? Anything you’d like to see added to the shop?


  1. Woot, spring items! I love those bow headbands (although they wouldn't look right on my noggin). I'm a genius.

    And I love the spring wrap! Super cute.

  2. I love your springtime wrap and the colour is so beautiful. You have done a great job Rachel :)

  3. Cute new things!! Love that wrap too!!! :) Happy new week, xo Holly

  4. Ooo, the wrap is so pretty! I REALLY like the color. You do good work!

  5. I am wondering if I could pass off a bow headband as a bow tie. It would be fun to try.

  6. cute! love the bow headbands. have ordered myself a late mother's day present with your code, thanks! :) (UK mother's day is this weekend, not May, i'm not THAT organised!)

  7. I'm loving the big leaf headband. And that wrap is beautiful! I love the ripple pattern.

  8. LOVE the ribbon hat. LOVE it all, actually. Nicely done! I'm wondering if you'll offer the patterns for these?


  9. You are just so beautiful Rachel! Everytime I see your blog I'm envious of longer hair (I have a pixie, which I love) but it makes me wistful. Can't wait until I can purchase something off your etsy site!


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