Maybe Matilda: 7 Quick Takes

Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I’ve never done one of these before, but since I have a borderline-stalker-level blog crush on Grace and she always does it, I figured I’d just go ahead and do what I do best and try to follow in her bloggeriffic footsteps?

1. You were all oh-so-sweet and full of kindly compliments when I posted a recent belly shot on Instagram, which did wonders for hoisting my self-esteem up from the extreme depths to which it had plummeted after an unhappy incident with the scale at my most recent doctor’s appointment, but you know what kind of ruined it? A google chat with a certain husband who shall remain unnamed, in which he—in a misguided attempt at kindness—declared the picture to be ‘extremely flattering’ and ‘a really good shot’ and ‘almost pre-pregnancy good,’ which CLEARLY translates to said photo being ‘100% unrealistic’ and ‘an inaccurate representation of your actual appearance.’ (do not take this as a request for compliments, I swear.) I mean, yes, there was an unnatural amount of rotating and tummy-angling and limb-positioning involved in taking that picture in a flattering fashion, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but stilllllllllllllluuuuuggggghhhhhh.

2. I am not one of those talented bakers who churns out delicious-looking Martha Stewart-quality baked goods every time. Truth be told, my baking talent actually lies in an uncanny ability to ruin a dessert’s appearance, usually in its final moments before serving/consumption (think: frosting catastrophes, serving disasters, etc). So when I do, on rare occasions, pump out a picture-perfect dessert, you are subjected to it via the Gram. My sister-in-law is one of the aforementioned Martha Stewart-level bakers, and she wisely recommended this recipe, which I will second. Forrest declared them to be “so yummy,” so there you have it.

3. I finally succumbed to the wiles of the internet and purchased a BB Cream, which everyone on the webs seems to be all googly-eyed over. I tried this one and, honestly, am unimpressed. I would indeed call myself a fan of ‘light coverage’ for foundation-y type products, but this seemed to me more along the lines of ‘no coverage.’ I’ll try it again tomorrow, but I have a feeling it will end up being returned (speaking of which, Jeff and my mom both act shocked—borderline scandalized/horrified—that I regularly return used makeup/beauty products to stores).

4. I finished a birthday present for my little sister yesterday, and call me a drama queen but it is litchrally kiiiiiillllliiiiiiiing me not to post pictures of it anywhere. And her birthday isn’t for another week and a half so don’t be surprised if I’m litchrally dead by then. Death by lack-of-social-media-gratification.

5. I recently sewed some cute little headbands for the girly-poo, and I keep just getting them out and staring at them in a pregnancy-induced stupor of cuteness. I’m not sure tutorials are necessary for any of it—the headbands or bows/flowers (I’m sure it’s all been done before)—but if you are interested, let me know. They’re all interchangeable, and are being quality-control tested by a certain child with a huge noggin who has not yet realized that headbands aren’t typically worn by almost-3-year old (!) boys.

6. In the past 24 hours, I have cried over: Toy Story 3, a Rascal Flatts song (personal application level to my own life: zero), Forrest peeing on the potty (potty-trained/-ing? not really) twice, thinking back on the Toy Story 3 scene that set me off in the first place, and Forrest singing all the words to (the first verse of) I Am a Child of God. Thank you, pregnancy hormones!

7. So you know how one of my monthly goals for like 3 months running now has been to sew myself a skirt? With a measly 5 days left in the month, I am once again waffling on whether or not to use my precious fabric on a skirt or not (I am very cheap, as you my know, and fabric is very not cheap, so I get a bit hoard-y), and am now wondering if I’d get more use out of a tunic like unto this one? Have you any of you made it or something similar? If so, lead me guide me walk beside me (slash tell me how it turned out).


  1. For what it's worth... I have tried 2 different BB creams. I feel like the Revlon version covers better then Maybelline.

  2. haha husbands need to be more wary about what they say!

    I've tried a lot of BB creams! I loved the Maybelline up until winter last year, it started making me look orange, after that I tried any brand I could get my hands on. I only found Covergirl's a couple months ago and I love it, I do agree that it's close to no-coverage though but it's summer, it might be why I like it right now.

    I cry a lot, I never did much before having kids. That hormone never went away for me!

  3. 1. You are hilarious and cute. That pic looked great and never worry about the scale.
    2. Those cookies...yum.
    3. I have the Pantene BB cream for my hair and Aveeno for my face - love both. The coverage is a little light but as long as I still use concealer it's just enough for the summer anyway.
    4. I want to see it now too. Can you temporarily block her from your social medias for just a week?
    5. Forrest just wants the best for his baby girl.
    6. Cry away sister. Toy Story 3 is a tear jerker.
    7. I don't even want to think about monthly goals and how it's almost August.

    Yes I literally just had to make a list to respond to each thing.

  4. What a fun 7 to read about! I tried the Revlon BB cream after Kate at the Small Things Blog did a review of it. I've been pretty happy with it. Then I got a sample of a CC cream from Birch Box and I'm loving it even more and want to try that brand's BB Cream. But I'm sure it costs more than I would want to risk, and never follow through on return intentions (you're not crazy at all for returning something you don't like!), so I'm thinking of writing the company for a sample. We'll see if I actually follow through :)
    I really like the look of that tutorial for the tunic top. The only thing that made me hesitate on making it when I was pregnant was I am pretty sure it would be great for early stages of pregnancy, but not so sure it would fit over the bigger belly stages?
    Sew a skirt! You'll love it and probably wear it all the time and will feel like it was totally worth the fabric use. Is it a knit fabric? I can still wear the maxi skirt I made for pregnancy because of the way I made it.

  5. I hear you on the waterworks front...I cried because I had to pull over for an ambulance on the way home the other day...not for me, but for the person who was in the ambulance. I was a hotstinkingmess.

    And oh dear for husbands and the holes the accidentally dig. You look absolutely adorable! I have bump envy.

    Jordan @ Let Them Eat Paste

  6. 1. You are adorable, and men are well...Men!
    2. Maybe things are changing. You've been on a baking roll lately.
    3. I actually used that this morning & I like it, but I never wear make-up, so what do I know?
    4. You could e-mail me a pic and she would never know!
    5. Darn it! I was gonna send you some of those since I know how much you like headbands. ;D
    6. I cried over my haircut this morning. It's NOT what we discussed!
    7. Well you did just grow out of your favorite shirt right? Just sew something already!

  7. ha! whatever. you are a pregnancy BOMBSHELL. my former preg self is SO jealous. the green ugly jealous!

    I can't wait to see the present!

    And Jen at hosts quick takes .... I can't take credit for her genius.

    anyway -- if we ever have another girl I'm totally begging you to make me some of those adorable headbands!!! too cute. Lord knows J could've used 10 of those.

  8. You're awesome. That is all.

  9. Don't give up on the BB cream. Used Bath Works and didn't like it at first. Tried it again and did like it especially for the summer time. I think the secret is to put it on bare skin. Don't use moisturizer prior to applying BB cream. Bare skin allows the cream to blend better and expose the correct color.

  10. I returned a lotion a couple of weeks ago-really one of the first times I had returned a beauty product. I hated it though and it was completely different than what I thought it was. I was honest with the return person and told them I'd used some-hopefully they didn't put it back out on the shelf...In the end customer satisfaction is what is important and if I didn't like a lotion (I paid too much in the first place for...) then I think anyone can justify returning a semi used beauty product.

  11. Let's discuss #3. How does this work? I'm a weirdo about returning things but I truly didn't know you could return used stuff? Do share. Inquiring minds want to know. (I'm totally behind on blogs. Can you tell?)


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