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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Deals from

This post brought to you by ToAdorn. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ack, the dreaded sponsored post. I always feel vaguely guilty writing them . . . but I've said this before and I'll say it again: my personal policy here is to only write about stuff I honestly think is neat and you'll enjoy. Which helps ease the guilt. And hey, I've got a girl coming. I have so many shoes to buy. So hopefully you don't mind being hit with the occasional sponsored post, especially when it's about something I truly think is great!

So with that behind me, have you heard of or visited ToAdorn yet? It is a daily fashion deal site with adorable items at great prices, up to 75% off. And I don't think I've ever painted myself as anything other than a complete and utter cheapskate here, so when I tell you this site has great prices, I'm not mincing words. They are truly great prices, for really cute, fashionable items that I bet you'll like a lot. New deals are posted each day at midnight and sell until they're gone (and many of these items do sell out quickly--when they're gone, they're gone!--so when you find something you love, you need to jump on it quickly!), and I've been visiting each day for about a week now . . . they've got a great range of trendy, unique items, from really cute trendy clothing + fashion items, fun accessories for you and for kids, adorable jewelry, etc. 

My favorite deal on the site right now is this crystal studded necklace for $6.99. Isn't that gorgeous? The deal ends tomorrow, so you've still got time if you like the looks of it. 

I also love these Navajo-inspired skinny belts. If my hips/waist were currently anywhere close to the realm of of normal-sized, I'd have purchased one hours ago. These are $5.99 each and also end tomorrow.

You can like ToAdorn on Facebook to stay up to date, and make sure to swing by their site to see if you like  their deals as much as I do.

(There. That wasn't so painful, was it? I'll be back soon with more of the crotchety crochet you have come to expect from me.)


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  1. We all need a little fun money from the sponsored post. And speaking of belts....what belts? Yeah, that'll be for another day, although those are awfully cute!


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