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Friday, November 8, 2013

Newborn Photos

You know what is one of my favorite perks of having talented friends? Being just one facebook message away from getting photos like this of my sweet new nugget:

Love these newborn photos by Davison Photography!

One of my (many) regrets from Forrest’s newborn stage was never having professional newborn photos taken of him. I had every intention of having them done, but then once he arrived I just felt so tired and overwhelmed that I never got around to making the call and setting up an appointment to have some taken. So I made sure to have my old friend Lauren from Davison Photography on board and ready to go this time around. And she did a beautiful job.

Sweet newborn photos by Davison Photography

Cutest little elf.

And the experience was quite the lesson in patience and perseverance. I figured, hey, newborns sleep all the time anyway—how hard will it be to just move them around and pose them all cute and snap a few pictures while they keep snoozing through the whole experience, right?

Um, wrong.

Newborn Shots by Davison Photography

Somehow, this peanut (who spends like 23 hours a day napping) decided that her newborn photoshoot was the perfect time to wake up for practically the first time ever. It was hilarious to watch Lauren try to pose her as she drifted in and out of sleep—Lauren would have her in the perfect adorable pose, ready to go, and at the very last second before the camera snapped, Darcy would pop her eyes open or flail her limbs or do the creepy infant death grip on her face with her fingers gouging into her cheeks and eyeballs . . . not the most picturesque moment. And she even gave poor Lauren some extra laundry to do by peeing on her cute backdrop blankets. But somehow, despite Darcy’s definite lack of cooperation, Lauren managed to give us perfect shot after perfect shot. I think she’s a wizard.

Newborn Photos by Davison Photography

You can visit Lauren at Davison Photography HERE at her photo blog, or check out her facebook page HERE!


  1. These are all wonderful :) She is so beautiful!

    The first is my fave.

  2. She's such an angel..and my goodness, does she look like you or what? Pictures are gorgeous, what a nice treasure to cherish for years.

  3. She is just the most adorable baby so cute...would love to have seen some of the before and after shots lol.
    Kate xx

  4. Such a sweet girl! Our newborn experience with Beckett was similar. We also had to wrangle Ramona when he didn't have a nap. It was joyous. Glad you got some beautiful shots of that precious girl!

  5. Oh so very sweet!! Adore them all! Happy Sunday! xo Holly

  6. Awww! She's got just the sweetest little face! I can't wait to see how her personality starts to grow in the next few months!

  7. She's beautiful! And I love newborn pictures! I need to make friends with some more super talented people/move closer to the ones I already know! :] Haha.

  8. Beautiful pictures. She is adorable!


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