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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Organized Hospital Packing with Vera Bradley #vbwishlist

This post brought to you by Vera Bradley. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had the chance recently to check out some Vera Bradley goodies, and jumped at the opportunity. I've always admired VB from afar--I love the fun fabrics and cheery look, and have always thought they looked so versatile and handy--but have never actually used or owned any of their items before. And as luck would have it, when my bags arrived the week after my new little baby was born, I couldn't help but notice what a perfect set they would have been to bring to the hospital with me to keep everything organized and stylish during my hospital stay!

Vera Bradley items

How cute are they? I love the fabrics on these bags--classic but still totally modern and fun. The new winter colors in the holiday collection are so versatile and cute, and there are so many fun options. These little cuties are the Home and Away Cosmetic Bag and Miller Bag, and I'm so impressed with them both. My VB fandom has been justified and reinforced. 

I've needed a new makeup bag for a loooong time but have resisted buying one because they're all just, well, bags. And I wanted something that would actually have some organization potential, so my makeup wouldn't just be knocking around and disorganized. Because when you're in a hurry in the mornings, it isn't super helpful to have to dig through 25 different cosmetics to find that one thing you're searching for, amiright? This bag is perfection.

Home and Away Cosmetic Bag by Vera Bradley

It is lined with pocket after pocket, making it so easy to keep similar items together or separate things that you use frequently from the stuff that only gets used rarely. Love it. I used the pockets to group my makeup together in the order I put it on . . . eyeliner and mascara are in a pocket together, primer and foundation together, etc., making it super easy to just pick and choose the essentials when I'm in a rush. And the zipper pocket along the top is perfect for stashing things that I need to keep accessible, but don't want cluttering up the main space, like sharpeners or rarely used brushes. 

And here's why I really wish I had these VB goodies before heading to the hospital . . .

Miller Bag from Vera Bradley

Do you see?! Do you see all the storage space?! So many pockets! So much room! Maybe I'm getting silly over here, but I was really excited to open this sucker up and see that VB has found a way to make big bags usable instead of just huge and inconvenient. You can stash a ton of stuff in here . . . and then actually find it when you need it, thanks to all the usable pocket space. I would have loved to have this at the hospital with me when my little one was born--it's as big as a tote bag, but without the hassle of digging through all the way to the bottom every time you need something small that has inevitably been buried. This bag would have ALL the room/storage space you could possibly need for a hospital visit to have a baby. They sent me home from the Dr.'s office a few weeks ago with a hospital packing list and man, it was about a mile long. Maybe I'm a minimalist, but here's all I brought (and all I needed) when Darcy was born (plus, of course, a car seat and my wallet with insurance info and ID):

Simple Hospital Packing List for Mom + Baby

Whatever you decide to bring with you to the hospital, whether you're an over- or under-packer, these bags would be a great way to store it all in style. And with all the great new winter colors from Vera Bradley, holiday shopping can be so simple and fun. These roomy and functional bags would make awesome gifts for any lady on your list. I'm psyched to use my Miller bag as a spacious and organized diaper bag for my two little stinkers--it would make a great Christmas present for any mom! 

Check out my Colorful Holiday board on Pinterest to see more of my favorites from the Vera Bradley winter collection, and keep up with Vera Bradley on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Create your own 'Colorful Holiday' board on Pinterest (with hashtag #vbwishlist) and leave a comment on this post sharing your board with me! 

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  1. I'm a big Vera Bradley fan. I actually used a duffel as my carry on on my most-recent trip. It's the best.

  2. I've become a big Vera Bradley fan, as well! The bags are so usable and washable! I used a Vera Bradley diaper bag with my first child and bought a different one for my second baby recently since I started using the old diaper bag as my toiletries travel bag. But I couldn't stand it any longer, and I've already gone back to using the Vera Bradley one as my diaper bag. It is just the right size, soft and washable. Love the changing pad that comes with it, too. Thought that might come in handy for ya. :)

  3. I finally got the a store yesterday on my lunch hour to get a new purse (Laura) in the Caterberry Magenta - I'm obsessed :-D Welcome to the VB obsession - it's a slippery slope :)


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