Maybe Matilda: Take this idea and RUN to the bank with it

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Take this idea and RUN to the bank with it

Forrest has been talking all week about seeing a parachute and I have had not even the slightest idea what he’s been going on about, or where he has even heard of a parachute or why he thought he would see one, yet somehow his frequent reminders (delivered hourly, all day, every day) did not particularly help to clear things up—we gonna do da pawachute and it’s gonna be soooo fun! We do da pawachute today, Mama? No? How ‘bout tomowwow?


And as if things weren’t confusing enough, extra variables started entering the parachute equation. By day three of parachute talk, the parachute had somehow developed a windmill (?) and a roller coaster (??) and a water slide (???) and he was “just sooooo essited to see da pawachute wif da windmill and da woller coaster and da water swide!” and I never had any clue how to interpret or respond to any of this nonsense so I just kind of nodded and tried to change the subject because how exactly am I expected to satisfy his requests for a roller coaster-waterslide-windmill-parachute hybrid? Inventors of the world, take note. There is demand in the preschool demographic for a water sliding, windmilling, roller coastering parachute, a completely untapped yet surely profitable market.

This morning we went to the last day of this little basketball class he’s been taking (which surely should have gotten a post of its own because it was all sorts of hilarious to watch him ignore the other children doing their exercises and drills and instead spend the full hour trying to flirt and hold hands with his coach who described him as, I quote, “quite a hoot”—you don’t know the half of it, sister), and lo and behold, for the final 10 minutes, what did they bring out?

da pawachute, in all its glory

Pawachute mystery solved. Unfortunately, the windmill, roller coaster, and water slide did not make an appearance.


  1. too funny! you just never know with kids do ya?

  2. Well gosh, you should have told me about this days ago. I knew exactly what he meant! (minus the water slide, wind mill, and roller coaster that is.) I absolutely LOVED when we got to use the pawachute when I was little. That and the little roller scooter boards were the best gym classes ever!

  3. That is just too funny! I love when Wil comes up with stuff and finally I will ask him where did you get that from? And most of the time he will tell me (a lot of the time it is from preschool) and accurately describe it but I have to really pay attention haha.

  4. so i clicked on your video, watched the cute little pawachuters and then clicked on this related video -

    which led to this related video -

    which led to this -

    and then to this -

    i must say, any youtube video chain that ends with jimmy fallon and justin timberlake doing something awesome is a successful one in my opinion. throw in an appearance by michael buble and... this day is definitely a win. (:

  5. This is so hilarious. I love it.

  6. He gets serious style points for the plaid/stripes combo in that photo above.

  7. Hahah... this is hilarious. Maybe they also do a roller coaster some days?

  8. Haha! That is too good! I love how it evolved over the week! He seriously does sound like such a hoot! :] A cute hoot!


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