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Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Angst

Friends, last week kind of sucked. Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride.

Darcy inexplicably went from steadily increasing her nap and nighttime hours of sleep to suddenly aborting that nice progression and rocketing downhill in the wrong direction. Every day and night was considerably worse than the one before, and although she was pleasant when she was up, she would not sleep for anything close to an acceptable amount of time, and it’s been making me crazy. Craaaaazzzzyyyyyyyyy. I had kind of forgotten how completely exasperating it is to have a baby doing frustrating things for no apparent reason (‘I forgot’ might be the wrong term for it . . . more like ‘I repressed the horrible memories deeply in hopes they would never again resurface’). It seems kind of ridiculous to me to think she might be teething already (she’s 3 months old, and Forrest didn’t get his first tooth until he was almost one—late bloomers in this family), but the floodwater drooling and constant chewing on her hands and two little poky hard spots along her gums are giving me hope that maybe there’s a reason behind the lack of sleeping and maybe she’ll get back to normal (or what had previously been moving toward something resembling normal) soon, please God please. At this point I’m hoping for teething, because at least there would be a reason behind her suddenly changing her sleep routine, other than to experience whatever perverse joy children seem to find in making their parents lose their freaking minds.

I’m rambling. What I’m trying to get to is that after a rather crappy week at home, I really needed a pick-me-up, and I think I found one in the form of an outfit that made me feel nice. I had totally forgotten how hard it is to get dressed with a young baby in the house—between finding outfits that are nursing-friendly, to figuring out what fits and will be flattering on a body that has shifted and changed shape, to accepting the reality that you’re going to be stuck at home most days and that isn’t exactly great incentive to put much effort into getting ready, it can be really tough to find things that work and are reasonable for a mom’s routine. Anyway, it was so nice to get dressed for church and just feel good for a change. Good like a regular human being, the sort who sleeps at night and doesn’t obsess over nap schedules and baby wakeful vs. sleeping hours and bite her nails as she stresses over the cause of the lack of sleep and the potential end date of the lack of sleep and possible courses of action to restore sleep and sleep sleep sleep sleeeeeep.

Black pencil skirt + striped top + long cardigan + statement necklace

I was browsing Pinterest Sunday morning and feeling kind of grumpy (there’s a surprise!) about not having the nonexistent Pinterest closet and teensy twiggy Pinterest body and apparently limitless Pinterest budget with which I might attain the aforementioned Pinterest closet and body, and finally I mentally slapped myself and decided to use it to help me figure out what I could do with the things I do have instead of feeling bad about everything I don’t have. This pin looked like something I could maybe come close to, so I gave it a shot.

black pencil skirt + stripes + statement necklace 

So between that and a nice dinner with the parentals and a pan of homemade brownies, I’m feeling a little more optimistic about things. Darcy is in bed now as I type this and every finger and toe in the house is crossed that maybe tonight is the night she gets back on track. If not . . . I don’t know, I guess I’ll just whine at you some more about it. Cool?

Skirt: Loft
Shirt: H&M
Cardigan + Tights: Walmart
Shoes: KMart
Necklace: Ebay


  1. sorry. That's so hard. But on the plus side, I like your version even more than the pin. :)

  2. Sorry you've hit a rough patch. The same exact thing happened with Corbin. We're going along happy as a clam and then BAM! The teething started and he became a lunatic. Luckily as soon as he started solids he went back to normal. Darcy is obviously not the chunk that Corbin was, but hopefully that will work for you too. And at least you look AMAZING for someone who is loosing sleep! I agree that your outfit is even better than the pin. Hot Momma! :-D

  3. The lack of sleep is what terrifies me the most about having children. You just pushed back my need for motherhood about 3 months. Nate thanks you.

    Your outfit is super adorable and you honestly do not look like you just had a child. And I'm not just being nice. You know I don't do that sort of thing. I totally use Pinterest to dress myself lately. It's a fun game. Until I am missing that one crucial piece. Womp. Womp.

  4. So sorry for the frustrating times! I agree with Michelle...not sleeping is terrifying to me!! I need my sleep so badly. I won't cut it as a momma, ahhhh!

    And love love love your outfit! The colors are super cute and I can only hope I look that cute after having a baby. Baby, what baby? You're a hottie! :)

  5. You are adorable friend! I'm feeling your pain with the whole lack of routine/baby always throwing a curve ball at you.

  6. I love your outfit! So cute. Babies are kind of the worst, aren't they? Hope her sleeping gets better soon!

  7. "The Nursing Mother's Companion" talks about how babies at 3 months wake up to nurse more frequently, then after a few days of increased nursing a your milk supply increases and they settle back down again. But who ever knows with babies!

  8. Oh and I've also read that babies sometimes sleep less while they are learning a new skill. And the pediatrician said sometimes teeth move up and down again before you see them pop through. Yikes!

  9. Love the outfit! So so so sorry about Darcy. Baby sleep woes are the number two factor on "reasons I can hardly bear the thought of having another child." Number one is senseless crying. Both of which I know you are intimately familiar with. Hang in there.

  10. Babies are terrible! Wonderful and amazing, but terrible. :-) Crossing my fingers and toes for you, too! For you: "Hey, nerds! Who's got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn't cried once today? This moi." —Liz L.

  11. You look so cute!

    I'm so sorry Miss Darcy is giving you a hard time in the sleeping department and I hope it passes soon!

  12. Love that outfit! It's adorable!

    I hope you can get back to your normal sleep patterns soon!

  13. um seriously, you are stunning!!!! don't be hard on yourself! get some sleep and appreciate your good looks and figure!


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