Maybe Matilda: Week in Review

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week in Review

Guys. I can’t thank you all enough for your lovely comments on Thursday’s post. Thank you so much for being so kind and supportive, for letting me be honest with you, and for sharing your own worries and fears and aspirations with me. You always hear about how awful the internet is but, geez, it can be pretty awesome, too. Virtual hugs to every last one of you.

This week’s highlights.

Dapper Dan here turned on the charm last Sunday in this little getup.

little boys in suspenders are my jam

I bought him these suspenders over a year ago to go with our 2012 Halloween costumes and he flat-out refused to wear them after Halloween was over. He might as well have ripped my heart right out of my chest and given it a death stomp because it was kiiiiilling me not to be able to dress him up in them. And bow ties? The monster laughs in the face of my efforts to turn him into a teensy little gentleman. I sewed a buttload of them for him for Christmas 2 years ago, and he was having none of it. Just picture me literally wrestling him to the ground, trying to stuff him into an adorable church outfit while he fights back with every last furious ounce of his tiny midget strength. Parenting is hard. Especially the part where they won’t wear the cute clothes we buy them. I fully anticipate never facing a bigger parenting struggle than this one. Don’t tell me otherwise. I’m not sure what changed, but he’s been letting me put ties and bow ties on him lately, so I pushed my luck with the suspenders and sweet mercy, I just about melted.

We all have our little celebrity crushes. Some of us have slightly more embarrassing crushes.


OMG I MET KEN JENNINGS!!! He came to a Barnes & Noble near my town to promote his Junior Genius books, and you better believe I scurried right over and elbowed my way through the throngs of  bespectacled elderly Jeopardy fans to get my picture with him. He is just as hilarious in person as he is in writing (I loved Brainiac and Because I Said So, and he slays me on twitter), and I think you can tell by my not-so-flattering OMG face in the photo above that I had a pretty severe geek-out over the whole experience. I’m excited to start reading my (signed!!!) copy of Junior Genius: Greek Mythology.

This one continues to be just the sweetest little peanut in the history of sweet little peanuts.

sweetest peanut

She is mostly a smiling lump and therefore produces very little news worth sharing, but my mother (who is named Kathleen) asked me yesterday what Darcy’s middle name is.

It is Kathleen.

Mom claims she was being distracted by my dad at the time and suffered a momentary lapse of brain power, but still. I’m now pondering new middle name options, since Grandma is TOO UNAPPRECIATIVE TO EARN A NAMESAKE. I think I’ll go with Darcy KenJennings Brown. Feel free to submit your own suggestions.

And I’ll wrap it up with some links for you.

We loved these cheeseburger cups.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry frustrated mommy tears over this video. (Probably both.)
I think I may try to hunt down this top today—cannot beat a price like that, and as we discussed Thursday, I’m no longer going to let myself be embarrassed by my cheapskate ways. Wally World baby!
So so so excited for my friend Chelsea!

Have a great weekend folks.


  1. I'm with you on that video!

    Your little man is so cute in suspenders & bow tie! I'm so glad he let you dress him like that ;) I'm lucky Wil loves his bow ties I actually spent too much on a bow tie/shirt set at Old Navy back before Christmas just because it had a pretty red bow tie I knew my boy would love haha. And we seldom dress up :-/ we will do better and actually start attending a church I hope soon!

    Miss Darcy is so sweet :) and hahahahah about your mom forgetting!

  2. You're the coolest person I know. Does this mean I need to get out more?

    I really feel that Darcy KenJennings Brown has a great ring to it. Grandma had best watch out.

  3. Forrest is so big now! He is such a handsome young man. And Darcy is so sweet. She looks a lot like her brother now.

  4. Lol, Darcy KenJennings is perfecto! I rarely admit to my weirdo celeb crushes so I'm happy to see someone who owns hers so well! (Jack Black. And yes, I realize this makes me seem trashy.) Also, my mil told everyone that our daughter's middle name (Mae) was not in honor of my husband's grandmother (my Mil's own mother). It was, and it was a fact we'd made known. Lol. I was pretty sad to hear she'd told an 80 year old woman that the new baby was not her namesake. Your mom's ungratefulness makes for an awesome story. ;-)

  5. I laughed out loud at Darcy KenJennings Brown.
    Your blog always brings a smile to my face. You're a great writer/blogger.

  6. Guh, could your kids be any cuter? The suspenders and smiling baby slay me.

    Ken Jennings!!! That's seriously so awesome, and I'm slightly jealous.

    Thanks so much for the shout out!

  7. His outfit is killing me. He's just too cute for words. I need to get Henry a pair of suspenders. Pronto.


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