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Monday, May 26, 2014

Bridal Shower Inspiration

Last week got away from me. Like, whoa. One minute it was Sunday evening and it was looking like another slow week here at Casa Brown and then the next thing I knew, 6 days had gone by in a crazy frenzy and I barely even know what happened. Something about some home renovations, something about helping my parents start moving into their new house, something about keeping children alive, blah blah blah, and here we are a week later. (Is this how early-onset dementia feels?)

And this bridal shower for my little sister that I’m posting about today? Over. Done. I threw it on Saturday and it was a fun and lovely time and hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves, but I intended all last week to post about my ideas for the upcoming shower, and never did. But heaven forbid that a thought ever meander its way across my mind and I not blog about it, so I’m sharing my bridal shower inspiration anyway.

So, about my sister. Bekah is nothing if not bright and colorful and fun and happy and silly and sweet. Just look at her wedding colors. So happy and fresh and fun. They are so fitting for her.

Bright, fresh wedding color inspiration

So here were some of my ideas for her shower—lots of bright, happy colors, and a mix of country rustic with glitzy glam.

Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

Bekah loves glitzy and girly, but she’s really so down-to-earth and laidback that I wanted to be sure we included some rustic touches as well. Girlfriend loves country music and flannel shirts and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen her wear heels, so we certainly couldn’t let this get too froofy (is that a word?). I loved the idea of using lots of frilly, poofy tissue pom-poms to decorate, as well as cheery confetti balloons and strings of paper lanterns, but keeping it toned down with some casual touches like beverages served in milk jars and chalkboard place cards.

Here’s the part where I would express excitement over throwing the shower—not so applicable when I’m still sweeping up the confetti aftermath and half-deflated balloons are still hovering in my living room. But I had a lot of fun putting it together (even though I am, by my own admission, not an event planner or party person by any stretch of the imagination), and I’m excited to share some pictures of the shower soon!

Inspiration picture source list (clickable links):
milk jars
chalkboard place cards
wooden chevron spoons
confetti balloons
mini lantern string lights
gold dot favor boxes
glitter cupcake wrappers
tissue paper pom poms


  1. Can't wait to see pictures :) Love the inspiration & the colors!! Must pin for color inspiration for future crochet blankie hehe

  2. Just love bekah! So excited for her and can't wait to see pictures of the shower!

  3. Love the colors! And between you talking about her and the little bit I got to chat with her that one time, I can totally see how they fit her personality perfectly! Seriously, How are you not able to find a dress for this thing? Just don't go with purple and you're solid! :-P

  4. Ugh, you'd think it would be cake to find a dress from any of the 50 color options she gave. I'm just that special ;-)


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