Maybe Matilda: Deep Thoughts with Forrest #3

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #3

After an early morning wakeup, I put cartoons on for Forrest and went back to bed. He comes into my room about 5 minutes later.
Forrest: Mama! Get up! I want to play wif you!
Me: I need to rest for a few more minutes. Go watch TV.
Forrest: (in a soft, sweet voice of great understanding and sympathy, while patting my shoulder) Mama, listen. I know you willy willy want to rest. But you can’t. You need to get up and play with me.


Discussing our favorite colors in the car.
Me: I wonder what Darcy’s favorite color is. What do you think?
Forrest: Darcy likes black best.
Me: Black?
Forrest: Or maybe her favorite color is indigo.
Forrest: Yes. Indigo is her favorite.
Me: (realizing I am not even sure what indigo is, so he definitely did not learn this from me) What does indigo look like?
Forrest: It is like purple, but veeeeery shiny and veeeeeeery beautiful.

a few hours after that previous chat, he talked me into buying him a donut at the grocery store, complete with pink and purple sprinkles
Forrest: Wook, Mama! My donut has indigo spwinkles! Darcy’s favorite!


Forrest: Do you know what is my superpower?
Me: Nope. What’s your superpower?
Forrest: Saving the day and sprinkling the cupcakes! (complete with mimed cupcake sprinkling)

a different day
Forrest: What are you and me and Daddy’s superpowers?
Me: I don’t know, what are they?
Forrest: Ummmmm, Daddy’s superpower is to hit the monsters!
Me: Wow! What’s your superpower?
Forrest: My power is to run so fast and hit the monsters!
Me: What’s Mama’s superpower?
Forrest: To give me juice and make me dinner!

Forrest: What is the Green Lantern’s power?
Me: I have no idea.
Forrest: I think his power is just to make things green.


we had an electrician come over recently and install wall sconces in our living room. Forrest came into the room after the electrician had put holes in the walls for the sconces but hadn’t installed the lights yet.
Forrest: (frantically) Oh nooooooo!!! What did you do?!?!
Electrician: I’m going to put some new lights in.
Forrest: You made some holes and a huge mess! That was a very bad choice!!!!!
Electrician: I’m . . . sorry?
Forrest: (mumbling) . . . so naughty.

watching me make dinner
Forrest: What are you making?
Me: Beef curry.
Forrest: But I don’t like beef curry!
Me: Tough cookies.
Forrest: No, do not say tough cookies! If you say tough cookies one more time, I will spank you and you will go to time out!


Forrest got a new toothbrush recently, so we relegated his old yellow toothbrush to the cleaning bucket. Jeff used it to scrub around the hinges on the toilet seat, then tossed it in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. (You can totally tell where this is headed, right?)

I was feeding Darcy in her bedroom, and I heard a huge ‘blech!!!’ shout from the direction of the bathroom, then Forrest came sprinting in to Darcy’s room.

Forrest: Mama! That was the baddest taste I EVER had!
Me: What was it?
Forrest: My yewwow toofbrush!!!!!! I bwushed my teef with my yewwow toofbrush and why was it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so yucky!?!?!!


  1. These are absolutely my favorite posts. He is hilarious!

  2. Hilarious. My favorite is the electrician. so naughty. ha

  3. By far one of my favorite posts to read. Gets me laughing every time ( :

  4. very cute... Thanku for such an explanation I was searching it so tat I can dress up my little girl

  5. This is so great. I both look forward to and dread my daughter getting to be this age.

  6. This is the best series ever. But also the worst, because now I have baby fever. Can you remind me about the sleepless nights and such quickly please? :p

  7. His talk with the electrician oh my gosh too cute! I love it. And I can't even talk about the yewwow toofbrush right now.

  8. Hilarious! Except for the toothbrush story... EWWWW!!!

  9. Omg - I was literally laughing out loud when Forrest scolded the electrician and then gagged reading about the toothbrush. I'm thinking you're going to have more than enough material for your blog posts with this little man.

  10. Love these! We've definitely gone through that same toothbrush scenario with both kids, but they never seem to complain about the taste. O.o Yuck! Come to think of it, maybe we should rethink where we keep the "cleaning" toothbrushes.

  11. Ha! Seriously. Just tossing it under the bathroom sink = very bad planning.


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