Maybe Matilda: My favorite crochet projects in the history of ever.

Monday, February 2, 2015

My favorite crochet projects in the history of ever.

I started crocheting shortly after Forrest was born, which makes this roughly a 4 1/2-year old hobby for me. I’ve often thought that it would have been cool to keep track of everything I’ve made—for myself, for my kids, for friends’ kids, for my etsy shop customers. Those are some numbers I would be super interested in seeing.

But of course, I didn’t keep track, and have absolutely no idea what the tally on all the various items I’ve made might be.

I do, however, have photos of many of my crochet projects, and thought I’d spotlight a handful of favorites today.

In no particular order, here are some of my very favorite crochet projects from the past 4 years of crocheting:

All Star Crochet Baby Blanket //

Forrest’s All Star Baby Blanket: You can find the original post about this blanket HERE, but to summarize it for you, I not-so-secretly hoped that this blanket would replace his precious blankie—the one made by someone other than me that he loves dearly and snuggles nearly 24 hours a day—but he could not care less about it. Nonetheless, it is still one of my favorite projects ever. I love the classic Americana style as well as the colors, and it was a fun project to make. Find this pattern as part of a crochet pattern book here.

Sidewalk Shawl //

Sidewalk Shawl: Visit my original post on this project HERE. This shawl was challenging but so enjoyable to make, and I think it came out beautifully. Sadly, it’s spent its entire life folded up on a closet shelf. I just don’t know how to use/wear something like this in real life, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my coolest projects yet. Find the pattern here.

Striped crochet giraffe //

Stripey Giraffe: Visit my original post about this gal HERE. I can’t say I love the process of crocheting amigurumi much—the tight crochet is torture on the hands, and they are boring as he!! to work on—but the finished products are just so sweet. I made this giraffe for Darcy before she was born, and am not at all surprised to tell you she doesn’t give a hoot about it and has never paid it any attention. My children are so unappreciative. Find the free pattern here.

Sweet little crochet baby tank //

Baby tank top: Visit the original post HERE. This darling little tank top quickly became a favorite. Sadly, she outgrew it rather quickly, but I love the unique design and simple construction, and look forward to making another one for Darcy this spring. Find the pattern here.

Granny blanket //

Granny Flower Garden Baby Blanket: Visit the original post for this project HERE. When I first began crocheting, I remember swearing up and down that I’d never make a multi-colored granny-style afghan, which I could only picture as the outdated, uncomfortable, scratchy blankets that no one wants to cuddle up under at grandparents’ houses. But after seeing some examples of how fresh and modern they can be when made with bright colors, I was converted. Find the pattern for these sunburst granny squares here.

Grandma's Lacy Ripple bedspread //

Grandma’s Lacy Ripple blanket: Visit the original post HERE. I am hoping against hope that I never—never, for the rest of my life—get tired of seeing this blanket on my bed, because far too much work went into it to ever replace it. I can’t say much for its warmth (while wrapped up in my sofa blanket made with this same pattern, my brother-in-law Alan asked recently if here was a way to crochet blankets without giant gaping holes that might actually provide some warmth?) but I do love how it looks. Find the pattern here.

ruffles and dots blanket

Ruffles and Dots baby blanket: Visit the original post HERE. I can hardly believe that smiling chubster up there is Forrest. Some years have passed, but this is still one of my favorite baby blankets to make (and I’ve made many blankets using this pattern, in all sorts of fun colors, although the green has always been a favorite). Simple and cuddly and sweet, I think this is a timeless style that has such a fun, modern feel when made in a bright color. Find the pattern here.


  1. I never could get the hang of crocheting, but I have quite the collection of crocheted blankets that others in my family have made! Maybe one of these days I'll try again and actually succeed in making my own!

  2. I love these projects too!!! I'm a blanket junkie, so those are my favorite! I need to get crocheting again.

    PS - Every single time I come by your blog, I am reminded how much I love your design and the colors and everything about it! :) I mean it!

  3. The bedspread is GORGEOUS! I love the shawl, too. Just rock it with jeans and a simple white sweater! The world needs to see that thing!

  4. You're the crochet master! I wish we lived in the same city so you could attempt to teach me. I love pretty much anything you whip up, but the ruffle and dots baby blanket is my all time favorite.

  5. Thanks to your blog post, I was inspired to make my first ever baby blanket for my sister in law's baby shower. That was over three years ago and to date I have made almost a dozen different ruffle/dot baby blankets as gifts for family, friends and co-workers. These blankets are always a hit with new moms and all of my family now expect one for baby showers. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me. :)

  6. That is fantastic! Great job! I think handmade baby blankets are the perfect new baby gift.

  7. Blankets are my favorites too--so fun to make, and I love giving baby blankets when friends have new babies.

    And thank you so much! That's really encouraging to hear, since I get bored often and wonder if I should change the design and colors and all :-)

  8. It'll click at some point--it took me a few false starts to get going. I'm hoping the same is true for knitting, which I've tried many times and just can't figure out (but I'd love to know how)!

  9. I made a ruffles and dots blanket from your blog! I think mine is a little smaller than you, which hubs laughed about (is that supposed to warm my foot?). hush, it's for the baby! I still love it and sadly it's the only thing I've crocheted! I'm not spending time cross stitching, another fav granny hobby.

  10. I was just gonna say wear something like what's in the picture and, YES, do NOT be shy about wearing that gorgeous shawl. I'll send you my address if it still lanquishes on that shelf!!! It's a work of art.

  11. My favorite of your crochet projects in the history of ever? The granny stripe blanket my son snuggles every night.

    But your choices are pretty swell, too. ;)

  12. Aw, I nearly forgot about that one :-) Sweet Henry. Love him.

  13. Such a great project! And I think a smaller size for a new baby is more convenient, so good work :-)

  14. I love all of your projects! And I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't keep up with everything I make.


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