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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday List: Dainty Everyday Necklaces

Recently, I was gifted a beautiful, simple gold necklace by my lovely new friend Kelly of Delicious Reads . . . when she gave it to me, she said something like, "You strike me as the sort of person who would really appreciate a simple, low-key everyday necklace," and she hit the nail squarely on the head with that one. (And perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but I really like whatever it must say about me that I apparently come across as a 'low-key, everyday necklace' sort of person.)

I admire big, glitzy jewelry from a distance, but I rarely buy it. I'm not sure where exactly statement necklaces fit into my current stage of life, spending the majority of my days at home with 4 messy, grabby little hands. I love the simplicity of owning a beautiful, dainty, everyday necklace (or two, or three . . . ). It makes getting dressed and ready for the day that much easier--the simple, everyday necklace always goes. 5 Beautifully Simple Everyday Necklaces from Etsy

1. Gold Bar Pendant by Unforgettable Jules // This is the necklace that my friend Kelly chose for me, and I have been wearing it just about daily (which, if you ask me, is exactly the point of owning a sweet, dainty, delicate necklace--it is a no-brainer, no-stress jewelry choice). I have been loving it immensely.

2. Tiny Silhouette Necklace by Le Papier Studio // I love that this necklace--in addition to being adorably simple and sweet--adds an extra touch of meaning with the silhouettes. Perfect for a mother, to carry her babies' silhouettes around her neck.

3. Birthstone Beaded Necklace by Lolabean Jewelry // Normally, I would shy away from color when searching for an 'everyday' type of necklace. But I think this one, with its tiny row of birthstone beads, is perfect. It's simple and personal, and I love that it adds just the tiniest bit of color while still being soft and quiet enough to complement any outfit.

4. Personalized Heart Necklace by E and E Project // Two or three years ago for Christmas, I got my sister a tiny heart pendant with her initial on it, similar to this one (although hers simply had an 'R' for Rebekah, instead of two initials). And many times since then, I've wished I'd bought one just like it for myself (or stolen hers--R for Rebekah could just as easily be R for Rachel). I just love the look of this sweet necklace.

5. Personalized Double Strand Necklace by The Silver Wren // I think double strand necklaces are so beautiful and fun (and I love when they are truly a double strand necklaces instead of 2 separate necklaces worn together). This one, with a simple circle pendant as well as a customizable bar, is beautiful. You can have a name, initials, or a meaningful word stamped into the necklace. I love that it is beautiful and personal.

What's your jewelry philosophy? Small and sweet, or big and bold?

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