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Friday, July 10, 2015

Townhouse Tour: Family Room

The townhouse tour continues today, and for the first time in its history--hold your applause, ladies and gentlemen--moves downstairs.

So far, I've posted about our master bedroom and Forrest's bedroom. Today I'm showing you the family room, where we spend the most time (although with my penchant for cookie-baking and the piglets' insatiable appetites, that title might actually belong to the kitchen).

(And as a reminder, we recently sold our first home in order to pay off our student debt, and are renting a townhouse while we save money for our next house.)

family room tour

With the exception of the coffee table (which is a recent hand-me-down from my mom), nothing in here is new. Just rearranged a bit from where we had things in the old place.

Well, that's not true--I guess the white pillow covers are new. I've always wanted a white couch. Budget aside, though, it just wouldn't be realistic for us right now. Small kids, sticky fingers--I don't even want to think about what we would do to that poor unsuspecting couch.

I picked up these plain white pillow covers at Ikea and lined them up along the back of the couch in the hopes that it lightens up our dark furniture. It's still not a white couch, but it sort of gives a white couch-ish type of impression. And they're definitely easier to toss in the washing machine than a couch would be.

family room tour

For the first few weeks, we had a rug in here. But it was creeping and crawling all over the place--huge bulges and wrinkles throughout, no matter how much we tried to straighten and flatten it out. We never had that issue with that rug in our old house, which had hardwood floors, so maybe it's the carpet in here that caused it to creep? Whatever the reason, it was driving me insane (plus the kids were constantly tripping over it), so we took it out.

I'm not good at styling little vignettes, so my mom handled all of this. It's her thang. (You can find her on instagram if you'd like to see her gorgeous home and design).
family room tour

Rainbow bookshelf!

family room tour

family room tour

On the opposite side of the room, we've got a fireplace . . . sort of floating in mid-air. I'm not sure I've seen fireplaces like this before, without a hearth (or without even touching the ground). It's taken some getting used to. I do love having a fireplace, though, and I think that big chunky white mantel is very pretty.

family room tour

This is a bit odd to me--the fireplace sticks out into the room with two recessed portions on the sides (the back wall of one side goes up to the ceiling, but on the left side of the fireplace there is only a half wall that looks out over the entry--otherwise, I would have put my leaning bookshelves in these spaces).

And I obviously haven't figured out what should go in those spaces. I'm very hesitant to buy furniture specifically to fit into a rental--we don't plan on being here for much more than a year, so it doesn't really feel worth it to me to buy things specifically to suit this place. So for now, it looks a bit odd and empty over here. Real life, folks. Maybe something will work itself out in time. If you have suggestions, I'm all ears!

family room tour

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