Maybe Matilda: Deep Thoughts with Forrest #15

Friday, October 9, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Forrest #15

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

On the way to my brother's church for his new daughter's baby blessing, we passed another church building (not the one we were headed for).
Forrest: (excitedly) Is that the church we're going to?
Me: Well, that is a church.
Forrest: Oh . . . are we looking for 'b' church?

Forrest: Mama, you look like a princess!
Me: Oh, that's so nice! Which one?
Forrest: Rapunzel.
Me: (gesturing towards short hair) Really? I don't think I look much like her.
Forrest: Well, after Flynn gives her a haircut.

Forrest has one set prayer that he rattles off every night before bed, despite my encouraging him to think outside the box and express gratitude for that day's blessings or ask for help with struggles he faced that day. The other night, he rattled off his same exact nightly prayer . . . 
Me: That was good. But how about we say another one where you try saying some different things that you don't say every night?
Forrest: Okay. (thinks for a moment) I'm ready.
Me: Awesome. Let's hear it.
Forrest: (closes eyes, folds arms) Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to say different things. Amen.

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

After his birthday party, we asked Forrest what he wished for when he blew out the candle on his birthday cupcake.
Forrest: I wished to eat my cupcake!

Walking through BYU campus with Forrest, he spotted the name George on a building and recognized it.
Forrest: Does that say George?! Like Curious George!?
Me: Yeah, it does say George! But it's not Curious George.
Forrest: Oh, is it George Washington?
Me: (surprised that he knows that name at all) It's not, but how do you know who George Washington is?
Forrest: He's on the money. He's the guy in charge of making the money, so he put his face on it.

While he was in the middle of a tantrum.
Me: Cut it out. You are acting nasty right now.
Forrest: NASTY! I am not nasty!!! I'm not a big pile of lettuce!!!

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

In the car, out of nowhere.
Forrest: When I look at girls, I get heart-shape eyes!
Me: Oh yeah? Why?
Forrest: Because girls are so cute!!
Send help.

Also in the car, also out of nowhere.
Forrest: Do you know who beats up the Holy Ghost and tries to make him dead?
Me: . . . . I guess not . . . .
Forrest: The Ghostbusters. Because their job is to destroy ghosts. And the Holy Ghost is a ghost, so they will find him and kill him.

Deep Thoughts with Forrest

Forrest: Why did Jesus make me so I want to talk AAAALLLLLL the time?

Forrest had a friend over to play--she bumped her head and I joking said that maybe it needed a kiss from Forrest. She declined, and he asked her--
Forrest: Are you sure? I give lovely kisses.

While petting a friend's puppy--
Me: Awwww, he's so cute! Do you think we should get a puppy?
Forrest: Well, I don't think you have time for that. You're too busy training me to train a puppy, too.

Forrest: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for our happy day, thank you for Daddy--he's my best buddy. Thank you for Mama--she's just my buddy. Amen.

Me: *winks at Forrest*
Forrest: *winks back very awkwardly, with lots of head tilting and face squinching and nose crinkling*
Me: Ha. You're cute.
Forrest: (sheepish giggling) I know, I'm super cute.

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