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Friday, December 4, 2015

New King Bed + Beddy's Bedding

When we got our new mattress a few weeks ago, we upgraded from a queen to a king size. I knew it would mean needing to purchase a new bed frame and headboard and all, but this was a sacrifice I was willing to make. And by 'sacrifice,' I mean I was super excited at the prospect of shopping for some new stuff. Such a sacrifice!

I loved the style of our old bed (which you can see HERE if you'd like). It had that cottage-y farmhouse look that I love. I actually considered buying the exact same style in a king, but Jeff convinced me to branch out and try something new. I was genuinely sad, though, that a king bed would mean that I could no longer use the queen size bedspread that I crocheted. I'm saving it in case we ever end up with a guest bedroom.

But no regrets at all in switching to a new mattress size. Sleeping on a king bed has been glorious. Absolutely GLORIOUS. And I'm loving the new look in our room.

tufted upholstered king headboard white bedding blue pillows

I still have a few things to check off the list--namely finding something to go over the bed, and hanging up the mirror that is currently just propped on the dresser--but we've all been so sick for the past few weeks that I'm considering even this much work a major accomplishment.

cream tufted upholstered headboard

I'll put a source list for everything down at the bottom of this post in case you also want to do a little shopping. I was really excited to find this beautiful tufted headboard for such a good price (just over $200). When I ordered it, there were no reviews online and nowhere to see it in person before buying, so I was a bit nervous. But it is wonderful in person and I've been really happy with it.

I also painted our nightstands (which I've never been crazy about and still hope to replace before too long), and they definitely fit the room better now. Doesn't everything look better painted white?

white painted nightstands

By far--and I mean BYYYY FAAAAAR--the best, most comfortable, most convenient, and overall happiest part of this little makeover is the bedding. The wonderful, wonderful bedding.

You may remember that I worked with Beddy's a few months ago to set Forrest up with a big boy bed and bedding--you can see that post HERE. And I raved and raved about how awesome his zipper bedding was, and I was jealous that it was so quick and simple for him to make his bed while I wasted my time adjusting covers and straightening bedspreads and smoothing multiple layers.

(By the way, 6 months later, he still totally rocks at making his bed all by himself, and I can't overemphasize how nice it is to have that one little chore off my to-do list each day!)

My jealousy of his bedding just grew and grew, until finally I begged Beddy's to help me out with bedding for my new bed. And guys, it might have been the best decision of my life so far.

chic white beddy's king size ruffle zipper bedding

I want to let you in on a little secret here. If you see a blogger work with a company once, cool. It's probably a company that blogger likes and is happy to promote. But if you see a blogger work with a company multiple times, it means they are crazy head over heels and can't shut up about how awesome that company/product is, and if you happen to know the blogger in real life, you will definitely be hearing about it in every conversation you have. This is definitely the latter situation.

This bedding is miraculous. See for yourself. Not only is it crazy cute with the ruffles and smooth panels (and I love how the ruffles mean it never needs adjusting throughout the day, unlike a certain crochet bedspread that needed constant tweaking if anyone even touched it, let alone sit down on the bed), but it is unbelievably comfortable to boot. The bottom sheet is an incredibly smooth and comfortable cotton, and the top layer is lined with minky fabric. I basically just want to sleep naked all the time for maximum minky-to-skin contact. I've resisted, you know, but the struggle is real.

minky lined zipper bedding

A panel pulls out on each side so you're never chilly or exposed in the night. And in the morning, you just tuck the panels inside and zip the whole thing up. That's it. All the bedding is connected, from the bottom sheet to the top minky quilt, so it always looks perfectly tight and tucked, and you just zip up the sides to make your bed in the morning. And a cute pleated ruffle hides the zipper, too. THEY'VE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! 

zipper bedding from beddys

They also sent a matching ruffle bed skirt, which is super cool because the ruffle fabric continues up a few extra inches onto the inner material. This means that even if something shifts--if the mattress moves a bit, or if the bed skirt should happen to get tugged down a little--only that pretty ruffle fabric is ever visible. I've always been so bugged when a bed skirt's unattractive inner material shows, so I think this is basically genius.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I have never in our 9 years of marriage seen Jeff make a bed. Ever. I have always made our bed, and when he has occasionally helped it has been more trouble than it's worth because he has zero attention to cosmetic details like smooth sheets or tucked sides, and it would drive me nuts.

But he has made this bed multiple times (because pulling a zipper is fun, right?), and it always looks perfect. Is this real life?

white blue master king bed

Make sure to check out Beddy's for their amazing zipper bedding that, it turns out, is absolute perfection for little kids and big kids. I love them so much I could cry.

Source list:
Headboard: Walmart $209
Bedding: Beddy's Chic White
White pillows: came with the bedding
Light blue pillows: Ikea
Dark blue pillows and bolster pillow: I made them; fabric from Hobby Lobby
Lamps: Ikea
Lampshades: Walmart
Nightstands: old hand-me-downs from my parents
Throw pillow at foot of bed: made by me; find the pattern HERE

A huge and genuine thank you to Beddy's for providing me with the bedding for this post. All opinions are my own and I received no other compensation besides the product.

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