Maybe Matilda: Darcy's Big Girl Flower Garden Bedroom

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Darcy's Big Girl Flower Garden Bedroom

We're only a few weeks away from a new occupant moving into the crib, so it was time to boot Darcy out and transfer her to a big girl room!

I originally intended for this bedroom makeover to be a Christmas surprise for Darcy (although I never got as far as figuring out how to keep an entire room in our house a secret from her), and it is just now completed in mid-March, so that's right on track for my typical scheduling!

I recruited some design talent to put this room together -- namely, Kathleen of Lindsay Hill Interiors (aka Darcy's grandma) and she did a marvelous job of creating the perfect space for Darcy. We wanted to give her a room that was sweet and girly, without being babyish or too 'cutesy.' The results are a lovely, feminine space that can grow with her, and won't feel like a baby room as she gets older.

Needless to say, Darcy LOVES her new room.

Step 1 was getting this girl a Beddy's of her very own. Every member of this family now sleeps in a Beddy's bedding set and they are THE BEST EVER. Perfect trifecta of being simple to use, comfy to sleep in, and absolutely adorable. We picked out the Vintage Blush Beddy's for Darcy's room.

If you aren't familiar with this awesome product, it is an all-in-one bedding set (meaning, literally ONE PIECE of bedding from fitted sheet through top quilt) that zips up the sides similar to a sleeping bag. It is a one step, one zip process to make the bed in the morning, and Darcy can do it by herself. Hallelujah for one less chore for me to complete every day! Another perk for young kids transitioning out of a crib is that zipping it up to her armpits at night prevents her from falling out of the bed as she gets used to sleeping in a bed without side rails. Just awesome, all around.

If you'd like to see how we all use our Beddy's, you can see them at home in Forrest's bedroom HERE, and our bedroom HERE (those pictures are actually from our old house -- maybe someday I'll get around to photographing our bedrooms in our current place!).

Kathleen recommended a feminine accent wall, and she found this beautiful floral wallpaper from Milton & King. I found the idea of wallpaper pretty intimidating, but it turns out, wallpaper is pretty simple to hang (as long as you've got two sets of hands at your disposal, and bonus points if your designer has worked with wallpaper before and doesn't mind helping out!). It took us an afternoon to put the wallpaper up, and I love that it brings in some fun color and pattern without being overwhelming or too 'trendy' -- I have high hopes that this is a style that will look great for years to come.

This dresser was a vintage find that we refinished in a cheery yellow color before Darcy was born (you can see it in her original baby nursery HERE), and it looks perfect in this colorful, happy room.

This girl LOVES her stuffed animals and plays with them frequently, so we included a big basket in her bedroom for her furry friends to live in. And this shaggy, plush, comfy rug from Rugs USA is so soft and cozy that I keep catching Darcy lying on it, trying to make snow angels.

Darcy is absolutely loving her new room, and so am I! If you have questions about any of the items in her room, let me know and I'll do my best to answer :-)

Product list:
Zipper bedding, bedskirt, pillows: c/o Beddy's
Bed: Walmart
Basket, dresser, floral paintings, and many accessories: thrift store finds
Distressed letter "d" over bed: Hobby Lobby
Nightstand: thrifted, I believe originally from Ikea?
Lamp: Target
Wallpaper: c/o Milton & King
Rug: c/o Rugs USA

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