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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Five Favorites

There are so, so, SO many amazing projects and ideas floating around in blogland and my to-do list is never-ending. I'm always stunned by all the creativity and talent out there! Here are my five favorite things I found this week:

You need to look at the before picture to fully appreciate this one--Lindsay (who I so wish was my new best friend . . . imagine a thrift shopping trip with this lady!) found one of those big, bulky, dark, behemoth dressers (for $20!) and transformed it into a light, cheerful, gorgeous piece. Incredible!

No lie--I had an idea for this belt a few weeks ago (but in crochet) and wondered how the heck to make that knot . . . but here it is! And way better than I had pictured it, too. I love the stripe of white rope through the middle--amazing! Imagine this over a polka dot dress . . . I'm dying!

You know I love me a good knockoff, and Dorian (awesome name, right?!) totally nailed this one. Bonus: she used the shirt's long sleeves to make the ruffles--great way to get rid of some of those winter tops you're not going to wear anymore! I love it!

We can agree that we're all completely in love with chevron right now, correct? I love this table runner that Jessa made . . . she started with just a simple burlap runner from Target and painted it to create this gorgeous little accent. It adds so much trendy spice to her table, don't you think? I want to make one, too!

Does looking at that picture strike you speechless? Me too. Almost. I'll fight through it. This . . . is . . . unreal. Michelle and Nate built this gorgeous headboard and I can hardly believe how amazing it looks. Maybe you've seen it before? It started out on their blog. Then I saw it over on Apartment Therapy. And then, there it was over on Knockoff Decor! Clearly this headboard is a winner, and they get bonus points for being from Iowa, too!

Good job, you five, for being my all-stars of the week and making me totally jealous of your creativity! Grab a feature button to show off your awesomeness if you feel so inclined:

 Did I completely wreck your tidy, short to-do list with my 5 favorites? What did you love this week?


  1. That Yellow Dresser is so awesome. We have a huge dark brown china cabinet we rescued from the trash pile that we want to redo, but I am a bit nervous. That piece gives me inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the feature!! It's not very often that you get bonus points for being from Iowa. :)

  3. thanks for featuring my belt! i agree, on a polka dot dress will look fabulous :)

  4. These are some great projects to add to the to do list. My list keeps growing and I just think, some day I'll make that!

  5. The dresser and t-shirt are awesome!

    I was impressed with this woman's thriftiness in her kitchen makeover:

  6. These are fantastic! I totally want to try them all.

  7. I'm gonna leave a looong arse comment cause I just read through 5 of your last posts.
    Starting with the most recent-I do agree I heart chevron like no one's biz. And the yellow on that dresser is awesome!
    UM YOU CROCHETED THAT??? Hello amazingly talented woman. You are awesome! I can only crochet a few different stitches and it takes me FOR EVA! Oh, and do not clothe your little baby ever again! He is way too cute, mm-kay?
    Sugar scrubs rule! I made some as Christmas gifts and was thinking about adding them to my shop...
    I liked the first dress, but the second one is cute with the lace. What did you decide? Don't listen to the hubs. They don't know fashion. ;)

  8. That dresser is so cute! I love the yellow color!

  9. that belt is fantastic! I will have to try it.

  10. The j crew knock off is awesome. I am heading over to check it out.

  11. You are so sweet, you can most definitely be my best friend, we could cause some major damage shopping. :). Thank you so much for the feature!

  12. LuLu...Furniture is a big project. Check out some before and afters I did for my son's apartment.

  13. It wont let me put the link... drat


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