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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Handmade Ring

I'd like to show you today the newest handmade item in my life . . . I only got it a few months ago, but I can tell it's destined to become a favorite. It was a special handmade gift planned and chosen by the person who knows me better than anyone else . . . me.
Right before Christmas last year, I found this ring from Jumping Junipers on etsy. A handmade, customizable stamped ring with a thin spinner band . . . I thought it was so simple and beautiful and perfect.
I wanted it for Christmas. I wanted it really badly. But I couldn't think of a message I wanted stamped onto it. What was the perfect word or phrase to capture forever, to carry around with me everywhere I go, and to be a daily reminder of something vital? I played around with a few ideas, but nothing felt right. So Christmas of 2010 came and went without this ring, because I couldn't decide on the perfect phrase for it.

Every few months, I'd remember the ring and brainstorm again, but I never came up with anything that felt right. Should I go with a trite, overused, nearly meaningless but safe/popular phrase? Maybe a loved one's name? A virtue or trait I need to work on and be reminded of?

After (literally) months of thinking, I finally came up with the perfect idea.

Did your mom read you this book when you were little? Maybe you've read it to your kids?
My mom read this to me countless times when I was young, and I loved it. If Forrest ever sits still long enough to hear a book read to him, he'll hear it plenty, too. The mother in the story sings a song over and over to her baby boy as he grows up:

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be. 

 It finally hit me--there was my phrase. There was the perfect memento I was searching for . . . it would be a constant reminder of the family who raised me and, now, the husband and baby I love forever. I believe that families can be together forever, and what better message could there be for me to wear and be reminded of every day?
(And it needs a bath. Never mind, move along.)
I decided I'd have Jeff buy it for me for Christmas this year. The only thing that could make my special ring more special was pretending he had picked it out for me. I made it to September before I broke down and ordered it for myself. Close enough!

It may not have been handmade by someone who loves and cares for me, but I love the handmade touches on this ring--it has the exact message I'd spent months planning, I love the character it gets from its little imperfections, and I love knowing that it was created just for me. I've hardly taken it off since it arrived a few months back, and I love the constant reminder to be patient and loving and kind with the people who matter the most.

(I should point out that Ros, the owner and designer at Jumping Junipers, has this style of ring on hold for the holidays to catch up on existing orders, but there are dozens of gorgeous jewelry items in her shop, and I think this beautiful ring is worth waiting for. I can't even tell you how much I love mine.)

(Also, I didn't get anything in exchange for writing this. I just love my ring a ridiculous amount.)


  1. I love that ring! And I love that book! My brother read that book at my mom's funeral. So, it has special meaning to me. I may need to have a ring made for myself. I hope you don't mind if I do!

  2. What a beautiful ring! and I LOVE that book - it was a huge part of my childhood. I drew the cover in my own way for my Mom on Christmas.

  3. oh i love that ring! and that is simply the best phrase to be put on it:)

  4. So pretty! Ever since I got married, I feel weird wearing any rings other than my wedding band and engagement ring for some reason. This is so pretty though!

  5. I love that ring, and I love the inscription and meaning behind in. I've never seen that book before, will have to look for it at the library- thats so a message I'd want my kids to remember as adults, and how lovely that you do

  6. LOVE it! I'm the queen of breaking down and buying stuff for myself. Why can't our husbands be mind-readers?

  7. So clever...but doesn't that book just make you cry!!? I can't get through it without weeping! So sweet.

  8. I just choked up a little reading this. The ring is stunning and the phrase you chose is perfect. What a special gift to yourself!


  9. I love this ring. I used to read that book to my kids when they were little. The saying is perfect for that ring.


  10. What a cherished gift to it!

  11. My mom used to read this book to me, too. I'm sure she'd love this ring, too. What a wonderful idea and gift. And I love getting that perfect gift for myself, too. ;)

  12. Great ring and phrase. The book is surprisingly powerful and poignant. I probably will never get a tattoo because I can't decide on a design I want to live on my body for the rest of my life.


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