Maybe Matilda: Chic Black and White Halloween Mantel + Traditional Fall Hutch Decor

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chic Black and White Halloween Mantel + Traditional Fall Hutch Decor

I think I've proven in the past that I'm not always the most enthusiastic decorator for holidays. But it's a lot more fun when your kids act excited about decorating, which was a big motivator for my Halloween decor this year.

Chic Black and White Halloween Mantel Decorations

Since I already had quite a bit of black and white happening on my mantel between the clock and vases (not to mention the fireplace box itself and the white mantel), I decided to go with a monochromatic black and white scheme. I wanted to keep it looking chic and sophisticated, but still fun for the kids, and this is what I came up with.

I started by gathering up books from my collection that have black spines/covers, and stacking them up. I always like using my books as decor, since I already have lots of them and it's fun for me to put them on display.

These two lanterns usually have blue and green candles inside. I didn't want to buy black and white candles just for this display, especially since I knew I wouldn't be burning them. So I just took a sheet each of black and white paper, wrapped them around the candles I already owned, and taped them into place. Easy, free fix to keep my black and white look going.

black and white halloween lanterns

I made the 'spook' banner and the bats using my Silhouette Portrait. Super easy and quick to pump out, and I love the swarm of bats escaping from the fireplace. I think I'll leave them up all year, and just accessorize them for every other holiday. They can each wear a Santa hat for Christmas, bunny ears for Easter, etc. It'll totally work, right?

black and white halloween mantel decor

We have a cute hutch in our kitchen that I used to display our more traditional fall decor.

Traditional Fall Decor on Kitchen Hutch

The little 'apple cider' sign was another quick Silhouette project from last year, made from a piece of scrap wood I found in the garage. I used those removable photo hanging strips to attach it to the back of the hutch. Hopefully it'll come down okay!

Traditional Fall Decor on Kitchen Hutch

And I was happy to rediscover this little painting in a box in my garage. I bought it at a thrift store years and years ago, but never found a good spot for it in our last house. I think it looks perfect tucked into this display.

Traditional Fall Decor on Kitchen Hutch

Do you like decorating for fall, or Halloween, or both?

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